Arab World Institute – the Great Architecture       

Arab world institute

Arab World Institute is located in Paris. It is a dedicated center in this City and is representing Arab cultural civilization. It is a place where the West is meeting East. It has a very large panoramic terrace from where you can view the splendid capital of France. In this article, we are going to give you a brief introduction to this architecture.

Introduction to Arab World Institute

The building of the Arab world Institute is so large that it is known as the fifth Arrondissement of Paris city. It was established in 1980. It is said that 18 Arab countries signed and concluded an agreement with the government of France. According to this agreement, they establish an institute where people can get the education about Arab language and culture so that it people can understand can come to know about it in the west. This building is located on the Jussieu campus university and the bank of the Seine. The designer of this building was a great French architect Jean Nouvel. It was built between 1981 and 1987.

About the Building

It has a great glass rectangular curtain wall. Inside this building, you will find a great library, bookshops, offices, and a huge auditorium. This building is no doubt symbolizing the diversity of the great Arab world and its unique civilization. In this building, you will find the unique work of 560 arts categories in four different levels. These are wood work, scientific objects, ceramics, illuminations, and textile, etc. On the 9th level, there is a great panoramic terrace with is presenting the great view of the islands of Saint Louis. You will also get the amazing view of the French capital.

The Smart Materials of the Building

The designer of this building has used some amazing and smart materials on the surface walls. That is why the building can withstand the changing environment. The building contains high-quality photosensitive mechanical devices. These devices have the ability to control the amount of light that can pass through them and the level of transparency.  It is a great glass and steel combination, and the building contains about 30,000 diaphragms that are light sensitive and 1600 other elements. All these elements work as a lens in any camera. The interior view is much more different than its exterior view.

True Representation of Two Histories

The use of photosensitive materials in this building made it very famous in 1987. It is also very well-known today, and it has not lost its great impression. The south view of the building is very elegant. The entrance to the plaza and the entrance of the building are presenting a unique relationship. You can also get the view of the left bank of Norte Dame. The position of culture in any architecture is very important. This building is acting as a showcase of Arab culture in Paris. From the urban point of view, this building is a unique representation of two histories and cultures. It has amazing stairs and display furniture.