8 Things you don’t know about the happiness of Arab world

Arab world
  1. The yellow color for positivity

In Kuwait, Al Nowair has started an initiative to create and spread positivity. They use the scientific research to help tackle the mental health. They use this to engaging people with campaigns, events and other social gatherings to enlighten them with positivity and to enhance their happiness.

Campaigns are colored yellow, and their main aim is to bring a smile to people’s face, to make them feel good and contended. They mostly take place in public areas like malls, markets, and universities.

  1. Food, café bonheur du Ciel in Lebanon

Syria has been going through a lot. The war condition has made Syrians leave their country and move to neighboring countries like Lebanon, Jordan, etc.

The refugees living in neighboring countries are facing many dire conditions, but even in the darkest of the time, there is some light. People in Lebanon are working to spread hope and positivity among these refugees. Individuals in this café offer free food for refugees and for those who are in desperate need of food. This café is run by a charity; anyone can volunteer to help these refugees and can cook and serve food for almost 200 people every day.

  1. The honest bakery, Saudi Arabia

The honest bakery is situated in Mecca Saudi Arabia. The owner of this bakery Ghazi Hassan does not put price tags on its products and allow the customers to pay as much as they want to pay. Customers are allowed to put the cash in the trust box, and if there is anyone who is not able to afford, then they can get it for free.

  1. English library in Palestine

Mosab Abu toha is a Palestinian boy who is the first person in the Arab world to receives donations in the form of books and is planning to open an English library in Palestine.He aims to provide a platform and space for those who love to read. It also enables to share ideas and knowledge.

  1.  Ministry of happiness

Sheikh Muhammad bun Rashid Al Maktoum is the ruler of Dubai and is very much interested in taking into account people’s happiness. To do so, he has created a ministry of happiness and has appointed a minister. Ohod al route has been chosen for this job, and she takes it very seriously. She believes that it is the duty of government to make sure that its people are happy and contented.

  1. An hour of giving back

Egypt has gone through a very bad economic crisis; there are many families who are not able to consume enough food. Two individuals’ kinda and shawarms have launched an initiative called an hour a day where people can take a free meal.

  1. Doll with a dream

Syrian refugees especially children have gone through a lot, this has made their children more depressed and sad. To tackle this issue and to bring the smile to Syrian kids’ Melina and Marianne are creating dolls which have a strong inspiration of hopes, positivity, and dreams.

  1. Syrian malala

Muzzon al Mellehan is a Syrian girl who is known to be Syrian Malala in the Arab world. She lived in a Zaatari camp in Jordan and dropped out from the school, after this episode she flew to Syria and helped Syrian refugees to makeshift school.